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My yummy tasty ” Dates Pickle…”😋

Dates Pickle

There isn’t a single Sunday that goes by without the smell of biryani in our home. I used to have biryani just as it is, without any other additions. However, one Sunday I noticed my mom packing up bottles of Dates pickles. I knew who it was for. The aunty who lived upstairs had developed a fondness for our pickles and asked for them every week. I hate to admit it, but I was never a huge fan of pickles. But seeing my mom packing that delicious looking smooth, brown- gooey thing, I felt an unusual sense of curiosity building up….

And now I’m a fan.

The more you like something, the more you’ll want to know about it, right? Gradually, I started wanting to know more about Dates Pickle, so I started watching my mom make them. She says that preparing the ingredients isn’t all that hard but arriving at the correct consistency, tanginess, sweetness, and spice quotient is the real deal.

The selected dates have to be the best quality ones…… and that’s a must. The juiciest, darkest, most brown and plum dates are chosen. Deseeding them is the task often assigned to me and my brother.

In my opinion, it goes well with biryani. Sometimes, I even like it with Pooris and Porotas. Unlike most pickles I’ve tasted, Dates Pickle is rather sweet. Maybe that is why it goes so well with a hot spicy biryani?…

The burst of flavours when it touches your tongue will definitely win your heart…or stomach, rather.

By Mudpot Kitchen

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