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When life gives you lemons, eat lemon pickle..😜

Lemon Pickle

Unlike mangoes, lemons are available throughout the year and hence lemon pickle is the most common side dish in our cuisine. The tanginess is the main attraction of this pickle.

Usually, the lemons are cut into pieces and seasoned along with red chilli powder, roasted fenugreek powder and crystal salt in sesame oil. Initial hardness and bitter taste will go away after the fermentation of about 3-4 weeks. I have seen recipes in which lemons are pressure cooked in order to make it soft but am sceptical about the outcome so decided stick with the recipe which my mom gave.

I remember a friend of mine who used to bring a piece of lemon pickle when she comes to my home to play. She will bring the zest not the pulp and have a small bite of it in intervals and keep the rest in her pocket for later use. I felt awkward when I noticed this one day and stopped playing with herΒ 

In this recipe we can add garlic or dates or both along with green chilli and ginger, which taste equally good, though my personal favourite is lemon garlic pickle.

By Mudpot Kitchen

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