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Lemon Pickle

  • Lemon Pickle 

The homely flavour of Peppersome Lime pickle takes you back to your childhood days. The correct infusion of the right quality tangy lime with the spices in this heirloom recipe gives you the traditional taste.

  • Homemade flavours
  • Locally Sourced Ingredients
  • Traditional & authentic Recipe

How to use: Normally served as a side dish for Biriyani, Rice and Roti .

Ingredients: Lemon, red chilli powder, salt, sesame oil, mustard, asafoetida, fenugreek.

Made by Mudpot Kitchen

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It can be preserved in a dry ceramic or glass jar for a long period of time. Retain the oil layer on top till the contents are over. Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing. Keep refrigerated when not in use.

Lemon pickle

When it comes to Indian meals, Pickel is the mandatory one. In that way, the Lemon pickle is one of the most commonly used pickle varieties in India. There are many people from other states and countries coming here leaving their homes and family for their career purpose. At the present time, it’s hardly impossible for them to have home food, and this is also one of the reasons for many to get back to their hometown, leaving all their career plans to have proper healthy food. So our only motive is to give them their home feel, to the place where they stay itself. It suits all food types: Curd rice, lemon rice, Dhal, chapathi, and others. As well as you can make an online order from the place where you are.

Especially, most vegetarians prefer lemon pickle the most, even if you’re the one who doesn’t consume more citrus fruits, hence, you can have lemon pickle with rice or chapati to compensate for it, hence it contains Vitamin C in it and also there are many health benefits in Lemon which helps in, Zero saturated fats and cholesterol, Improves bone health, Smooth digestion, Promotes detoxification, and others.

To feel the Perfect Tanginess

Most important, some vegetables were don’t contain tanginess in it, so it requires adding timid syrup in it to get the perfect pickle taste. But lemon contains a natural tangy taste in it, so when it’s marinated with the traditional spices it comes out with a mouth-watering taste. And overall it will be a deadly combo with curd rice.

Marination Process

Similarly, the marination of pickles is the key factor for the taste of the perfect pickle. Significantly, the time of marination and the ingredients used for marination are the major factors that decide the success of the pickle. Even though, a perfectly marinated pickle gives you the perfect feel on your taste buds. The specialty of pickle is they can be stored longer and as long as it’s stored it turns even tastier.

Pickle Storage

1. Pickel can be stored for more than a year at room temperature.
2. Basically, do not use a wet spoon or finger while scooping the pickle, it’s better to use a dry spoon or wooden spoon.
3. For longer shelf life, store the pickle in Refrigerator.
4. Store it in an airtight container.

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